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Classic Games

 Abobos Big Adventure (2915 plays)
crossover mash-up that will take you back to your 8-bit glory days.
 AdvanSnake (8216 plays)
a Classic Snake Mode for those wanting to relive the Snake from back in the day :)
 Astarroids (6458 plays)
Classic Asteroid Gameplay.
 B24 Bomber (5571 plays)
Defend your bomber through the skies.
 Back Up (9769 plays)
This is like the Classic Pong game but instead of trying to get it by your opponent, all the paddles are working together.
 BattleCity - Boss's coming! (5365 plays)
This version is improved and add many special features such as enemies can eat bonus, boss tank(invisibility or home attacker or player attacker...)
 BloxxShooter (4330 plays)
push a ball with a paddle to hit blocks all over the game.
 Breakit (10417 plays)
Guide your bat to bounce the ball around the screen to break all blocks.
 Breakit 2 (9819 plays)
Classic bat and brick game with a nice twist and power ups.
 Bugs (8293 plays)
You are the spider and you must defend your turf from all of the bugs that are coming.
 Chasmizer_4k (1584 plays)
Old-school blasting action!
 GEMGET! (2104 plays)
The player must get all the gems to finish the level.
 Minefield (9463 plays)
The purpose of Minefield is to open all the cells on the board that doesnt have a bomb
 Octopus (9862 plays)
Classic Octopus game from Nintendo
 Overpowered (11246 plays)
An overpowered classic Pong game where you can supercharge the paddle for more boost.
 Pacman Killer (10844 plays)
Bounce off the pac man guys using your ball and destroy them before the time runs out !
 Pacman Xonix (165415 plays)
You race around like Pac-Man avoiding the usual ghosts and eating the fruit but to level you must blocked out more than the required percentage to adv...
 Particle Pong (9899 plays)
Pong with particles, physics, and gravity warps
 Puzzle Bubble (11045 plays)
Classic arcade game where you have to shoot all the bubbles by matching the colors.
 Rotter Road (4988 plays)
Use your weapons to kill all the zombies, super zombies, and boss zombies.
 SNATA (1685 plays)
This is SNATA. Simply jump on bombs to open and reach the elevator.
 stickman eating smiley snake (11306 plays)
fun addictive snake game.
 Super Minefall (5648 plays)
A nefarious miscreant is dropping mines on Mineville!
 Vectrexoscope (13280 plays)
This is an interesting 3d variation of the classic game pong.

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