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Puzzle Games

  (5165 plays)
You are Galactic Odyssey knocking about the cosmic world.
 2-3-4 Letter Words (4912 plays)
The Jumbly database contains almost 6,000 words - all valid for Scrabble.
 3D Choco Maze (3910 plays)
Escape This 3D Maze !
 Abacus Logic (4203 plays)
The purpose is empty the board by removing two or more squares
 ABC (9514 plays)
How fast can you type the alphabet ?
 Almost Impossible (1516 plays)
Skillfully navigate through each level without hitting any walls or objects
 Alphabet Soup (9945 plays)
Quickly click to rearrange the falling letters to form a word.
 Anagrams (4624 plays)
Write the longest word you can with the available letters.
 Angel Escape (2783 plays)
Hello Friends.! Bedtime Stories are always pleasant.
 Angry Cows (3642 plays)
Wreak havoc and destruction with the all new Angry Cows!
 Aurum (1574 plays)
A game about the true weight of gold.
 Backgammon (4119 plays)
Classic backgammon game.
 BalliePutt (5057 plays)
Play through all 30 levels and get your high score!
 Bank Rush (2244 plays)
in this game, you're a professional thief, this time your mission is to find the golds inside the bank before time out!
 Basketbird (2345 plays)
Throw birds through baskets.
 Beaver Blocks Level Pack (2086 plays)
Once more, little beavers are separated from their family.
 Binga (4486 plays)
Use you wits and mouse skills to pass each level and make it on the leader-board.
 Birds Defenders (2227 plays)
Stick the dynamite on wooden blocks. Get a higher score for the speed.
 Black n White (8685 plays)
Avoid all the obstacles in Black n White 2 to advance
 Blip (2898 plays)
Collect stars to unlock over 60 levels of challenging and addictive fun.
 Blob and Blocks (2006 plays)
Blob based on Gish physics!
 Blob and Blocks: New Levels (2293 plays)
Blob based on Gish physics!
 Block Rise (5174 plays)
An exciting puzzles
 Blockie Block (2190 plays)
Blockie Block is an addictive game where you need to get green Blockie man to the finish.
 Blokz 2 (8628 plays)
Click groups of 2 or more bricks to pop them, clear the target amount before time runs out.
 Bloons 2 Distribute (5605 plays)
Pop your way through 100 levels of Bloons 2, with all your favorite bloon types from the original and some brand new ones like reverse gravity, monkey...
 Bloons Players Pack (10890 plays)
50 new levels for you to ponder over ! Now your monkey will have new tricks he must do to beat the new levels.
 Bomb Town (1526 plays)
The goal of the game is to destroy all the houses and reach maximum destruction level.
 Bomber Clash (1725 plays)
Collect power ups to get rid of the invaders.
 Bouncing ball (1738 plays)
Easy and small shooting game
 Bristlies Players Pack (1591 plays)
Help Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color.
 Bubble Shooter 3 (4177 plays)
Every fourth level there comes another buble type and makes the game more difficult.
 Bubble Shooter Maja (1558 plays)
Collect more and more diamonds.
 Bubble Swap (1815 plays)
Bubble Swap is an original puzzle game featuring Rainbow Design's characters.
 Bubbletters (2370 plays)
Click on a bubble , drag and link letters together to make words using any connecting bubbles.
 Building Demolisher (1617 plays)
Completely obliterate the structure in each level by using the limited number of demolition balls at your disposal!
 Burning Balls (4117 plays)
Its a challenging arcade game where you can make circles using a brush.
 Cannon Fodder (1871 plays)
There’s only room on this island for one of us, and that means I stay, you go!
 CannonBall (5065 plays)
Use arrows to adjust the direction and force of the shot, and click on the cannon to shoot.
 Card Attraction Solitaire (4641 plays)
The object of the game is to place all cards from the tableau to the foundation.

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