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Action Games

 2-inch Dragon Escape (2000 plays)
The little dragon was captured and locked in the kingdom.
 3D Block Avalanche (5793 plays)
You are a simple cube and you must avoid other falling objects.
 60 seconds Burger Run (1822 plays)
Your favorite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds, so hurry up!
 AddUp (8463 plays)
Numbers are falling from the sky, and you have to destroy them before they hit the floor.
 Airport Security (5363 plays)
Run the security at the airport, using the latest full body scanning technology.
 Angry Zeppelins 2 (1586 plays)
Upgrade your tank and cause maximum destruction to angry zeppelins!
 Angular Weapon (5709 plays)
Your objective is to defend the angular ship with your six missile launcher.
 ASCIIroids (2862 plays)
Destroy those pesky asteroids!
 Balloon defender (5375 plays)
Buy upgrades for your robot to last longer and longer and dodge those evil yellow balls. Can you buy all upgrades?
 Be Water (4705 plays)
Slide over nice environments to find your destiny. You're a rain drop and needs to pick up water drops to survive.
 Bieber Ragdoll (5659 plays)
Shoot the Damn Beaver, yes that one.
 BioCage (5367 plays)
Evolution sandbox game.
 BlastOut (8313 plays)
Bounce the angry circles through action packed levels to destroy the terrain, release the particles and get the high score!
 Bloody Climber (1741 plays)
Climb as high as you can. Beware of traps!
 Blue Cow Coloring Book (9605 plays)
Fun farm yard coloring book to entertain kids.
 Bonkers Conkers (5491 plays)
Help Colonel Conk and the Bonkers Brigade protect their homes from the greedy squirrels
 Bonkers Conkers (2839 plays)
armed with your trusty slingshot and array of cheeky conkers you must sling, parachute, and explode your way through 20 puzzling levels in a world of ...
 Bounce (3898 plays)
Your smile is one means of control run, do not be possible to capture and collect as many strawberries
 Brushmania (4183 plays)
Electrical toothbrush action game.
 Bug Smash (8373 plays)
Don't let the dirty flies get to the pie ! Your game will be over when there are 10 flies on the pie.
 BUG‘S COMBAT (2345 plays)
Use the mouse to drag can be fired bullets angle and power
 Burrito Bison Revenge (2522 plays)
Burrito Bison is back for more gummy squashing action in this epic sequel!
 Catching Moles (1367 plays)
Moles and mice had appeared in the green melon farm.
 Cave Diving (8735 plays)
Dive as far as you can into the cave without dying.
 Chainlinks (3058 plays)
You must detonate the Bomb precisely at the right time and destroy the other flammable objects passing by!
 Chalkboard Surfer (2450 plays)
Ever wanted to surf through the boring and full of work chalkboard at school?
 Christmas - Coal Mine Escape (2622 plays)
Help Santa Save the Coal Gatherers!
 Contact (1365 plays)
Collect the circles similar to your color, the red circle will destroy you.
 Crate Climber (4609 plays)
Escape the imminent lava wall of doom by climbing to the skies using the falling crates as your stepping stones!
 Cure the Zombies (1531 plays)
Cure the zombies before they catch you!
 Daymare Kite (1539 plays)
it's a sunny day in daymare town.
 Deadly Dash (9104 plays)
run and jump over the blocks otherwise you will get smashed
 Deadtonatorz (1916 plays)
Destroy horde of zombies under Dr. Maynard Bomberbugs
 DeathByBalloons (8658 plays)
Click and drag the balloons to stop them reaching the ceiling. When they burst the water level rises.
 Defendification (9276 plays)
Defend your planet from incoming missile attack. Be sure to move you mouse as fast as you can !
 Defense And Eat: I Can Eat Everything! (5227 plays)
In order to protect the town and citizens , Try your best to catch and eat the monsters!
 Demoman (8657 plays)
Demolish all the buildings in the city by using the huge demolition ball from your massive crane.
 Disco Fish 2 (7664 plays)
Eat small red/blue/yellow fish for points and health
 Dodge (6416 plays)
dodge the stars as long as you can !
 DOT5URBO (4250 plays)
The Aim of the game is to get as far down the tunnel as possible.

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