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Action Games
 Ice Climber Penguin (4637 plays)
Get powerup, kill walruses, help the penguin climb the tower, he want to see planet pluto!
 Rick Astley Run (8915 plays)
Run Rick Astley, Run !
 Crate Climber (4539 plays)
Escape the imminent lava wall of doom by climbing to the skies using the falling crates as your stepping stones!
 Ninja Reflex (7533 plays)
Do you have the Ninja Reflex? Well this game will test whether you have this super natural ability
Adventure Games
 Temple Glider (926 plays)
Unique platforming/flying mechanic used to escape the ancient tombs.
 Mr. Fox (4028 plays)
Help Mr. Fox to go trough his adventure in the woods.
 Super Chick Sisters (11357 plays)
A robot spider with the head of Colonel Sanders has kidnapped Pamela Anderson and only two chickens can save her.
 Kung Fu Gauntlet (843 plays)
help the kung fu student to avoid every obstacle and to get as many points as possible
Classic Games
 Super Minefall (5259 plays)
A nefarious miscreant is dropping mines on Mineville!
 Pacman Xonix (163762 plays)
You race around like Pac-Man avoiding the usual ghosts and eating the fruit but to level you must blocked out more than the required percentage to adv...
 GEMGET! (1743 plays)
The player must get all the gems to finish the level.
 BattleCity - Boss's coming! (5029 plays)
This version is improved and add many special features such as enemies can eat bonus, boss tank(invisibility or home attacker or player attacker...)
Fighting Games
 Mobs Down (9617 plays)
Help Michael Thorpe avenge his brother's death by taking beating everyone down !
 Dynasty Street (16399 plays)
The next advance in stick fighting games. 35 moves, 10 power-ups, with lots of music.
 Choose Your Weapon 4 (7929 plays)
The virus is back, and this time you have 20 different weapons to choose from. Plus, they're all unlocked!
 AxeQuest :Fire Zone (6129 plays)
beat the crap out of everything
Puzzle Games
 Indi Cannon Players Pack (1369 plays)
Shoot Indiana to collect coins.
 Hangman (9361 plays)
This is the classic game hangman, guess the letters to stop the hanging !
 Frog love candy (1687 plays)
Big pota is cute frog, he very like candy.
 YoYo Ball (8469 plays)
Swing your YoYo in this revolutionary games!
Racing Games
 Truck Race (3693 plays)
Earn money to upgrade the truck, buy more powerful engine, faster gearbox and better tires.
 GoldTheft (4053 plays)
The player should move the theft in any of the directions to collect gold bags by using the keyboard arrow keys.
 Sbaaam 2: Night Vision (3608 plays)
Drives the F1 car as long as possible in the night .
 Dominator Truck (3664 plays)
Dominator Truck!
Shooting Games
 Playnook Quackshot (777 plays)
make sure that you don't mistakenly shoot bombs.
 Archer VS Zombies (1399 plays)
A zombie horde has overrun the city! Out of ammo and outnumbered
 AstroWars: Stranded in Deep Space (2430 plays)
Your only hope of survival and return home lies in hunting down asteroids for required resources
 Cosmic commander (4958 plays)
Classic arcade shooter with 10 levels of manic shooting action, weapon upgrades, power-ups, and more! Featuring colorful retro-graphics and a stunning...
Sports Games
 American 8-Ball Pool (1358 plays)
Play pool against computer players in tournaments to become rank #1.
 Ultimate Cricket (3063 plays)
Gear up to claim the world title in a true test of supreme cricket!
 Extreme Heli Boarding (11167 plays)
Jump out of a helicopter for a thrilling ride with your snow board. Have fun !
 American 9-Ball Pool (4235 plays)
Play 9-Ball Pool tournaments, Challenges and Time Attacks.
Strategy Games
 Papa's Pancakeria (3674 plays)
Help Prudence and Cooper run Papa's Pancakeria!
 Astral Alliance (1333 plays)
Astral Alliance is a space themed real-time strategy game that pits you against a hostile enemy invasion.
 Kings of Conquest 5 (3018 plays)
This is a remake of an old computer war game called Lords of Conquest, with the addition of a few advanced units, like the witch, dragon, spy and assa...
 turtle defense (6247 plays)
join leo, raph, mike and donna defend their land!!!!!!

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