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Action Games
 Be Water (5097 plays)
Slide over nice environments to find your destiny. You're a rain drop and needs to pick up water drops to survive.
 Pentaheads (7230 plays)
Do not let five or more pentaheds sit on the bottom, or the game will be finished !
 Super Rozek (1375 plays)
A fun, addictive, and highly polished two button arcade game.
 Implosive (2913 plays)
Win all the achivements and upgrade your capabilities until you get the high score!
Adventure Games
 Run and Jump (8921 plays)
Get to the end of each level by not falling down holes, hitting spikes or being crushed by moving blocks.
 Cave Run (5200 plays)
Run and jump over the rocks and the holes.
 Hot Tub (2007 plays)
This game has Fresh Unique gameplay with some pixel art.
 Fat Ninja Avenge (1485 plays)
in this game you are a ninja who assign a mission by your master to return the secret scroll from the evil ninja.
Classic Games
 Breakit (10521 plays)
Guide your bat to bounce the ball around the screen to break all blocks.
 Chasmizer_4k (1670 plays)
Old-school blasting action!
 Particle Pong (10130 plays)
Pong with particles, physics, and gravity warps
 BattleCity - Boss's coming! (5527 plays)
This version is improved and add many special features such as enemies can eat bonus, boss tank(invisibility or home attacker or player attacker...)
Fighting Games
 Achilles (14440 plays)
You are Achilles, the Greek hero from the Trojan War. Use your spear and sword to defeat all enemy of Greek.
 Heavy Pawnage (3383 plays)
Scour the land for destructible items such as crates and road cones for valuable resources (ammo, health pack and gold).
 Electricman 2 (14152 plays)
Use martial arts, street fighting or superhuman powers to kill your enemies.
 War of the Clowns (8394 plays)
What the hell is going on in the circus?
Puzzle Games
 Repel Magnets (4470 plays)
 One and One Story (1823 plays)
Watch the gameplay change as the protagonists face the euphoria and trials of their relationship.
 Haxorz (7818 plays)
Hack into computers systems and capture the secret files by avoiding detection.
 Zombies vs Vampires (1551 plays)
The vampires era is done.
Racing Games
 street rally (10525 plays)
Race through the city in your tiny monster truck ! Bonus points and a speed boost are available
 Tokyo Drift Parking (3834 plays)
Take the style to the streets.
 Wheels and Zombies (1409 plays)
Race and fight the zombies. Collect points and upgrade your car.
 Drive And Shoot (3805 plays)
Take part in this thrilling and greatly addictive racing with shooting!
Shooting Games
 Dryfire (10377 plays)
Destroy any incoming enemy that are attacking your base !
 WildWest (2812 plays)
A CowBoy shooting game
 Stick out Assault (1443 plays)
Stick out Assault is a fantastic action game.
 Robin Hood and Treasures (4856 plays)
Act as a valiant and acuurate robber, which produces the treasures and gives them to the poor.
Sports Games
 ORANJE SOCCER (9595 plays)
Take your best shot and try to stay alive in the 9 exciting levels.
 Pinch Hitter 2 (11947 plays)
Pick a team, change the colors and use your skills to make the Major Leagues from your backyard
 Arcade Pool (5008 plays)
The game and each achievement can be shared through Facebook/MySpace/Twitter.
 Mountaineer (10070 plays)
Scale the rocky mountain with caution in this fun and difficult mountain climbing game.
Strategy Games
 Slime Defender (1573 plays)
Defend yourself from the slimes in this tower defense game.
 Feudal Castle Defense (4446 plays)
Create archers, samurai, sumo, healers, ninjas, and more to defend the castle against the onslaught of zombies!
 To The Gates (1313 plays)
blends the shooting fun with a captivating strategy-making story.
 Battle Planes MMORPG (3795 plays)
A Mindblowing 2012 Post Apocalyptic Text-Based MUD with monthly real-value prizes for top players.

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