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Action Games
 Cure the Zombies (1531 plays)
Cure the zombies before they catch you!
 Super Rozek (1096 plays)
A fun, addictive, and highly polished two button arcade game.
 Pentaheads (6921 plays)
Do not let five or more pentaheds sit on the bottom, or the game will be finished !
 Ice Climber Penguin (4739 plays)
Get powerup, kill walruses, help the penguin climb the tower, he want to see planet pluto!
Adventure Games
 FPA: World 3 (1944 plays)
The 3rd World in the Fancy Pants Adventures!
 GravX (2729 plays)
A puzzle platformer with a gravitational twist!
 Labyrinth (8008 plays)
Escape from the Labyrinth and pick up goodies on the way out for extra points.
 Pepee Star Hunter (2717 plays)
You should take the red star and then take other stars.
Classic Games
 stickman eating smiley snake (10966 plays)
fun addictive snake game.
 Overpowered (10844 plays)
An overpowered classic Pong game where you can supercharge the paddle for more boost.
 SNATA (1439 plays)
This is SNATA. Simply jump on bombs to open and reach the elevator.
 Vectrexoscope (12237 plays)
This is an interesting 3d variation of the classic game pong.
Fighting Games
 Tribot Fighter (1264 plays)
Our hero is the last of his kind.
 Arm of Revenge (5927 plays)
Calling all the fighters on the earth... Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or Shank?
 Mobs Down (9798 plays)
Help Michael Thorpe avenge his brother's death by taking beating everyone down !
 Nuclear Justice 2084 (1689 plays)
Keep prisoners from escaping their nuclear jail, collect their lunch money and use it to beef-up your defense and your fighting skills.
Puzzle Games
 Marching Zombies (3971 plays)
Defend you're Farm from Zombies Invasion, collect the resource to buy weapons and traps by swapping the resource block.
 StackoPolis (3889 plays)
Stacko Polis Game
 Math Attack II - The Memory Counter Strike (8287 plays)
Find the correct numbers between the operations. Prove your intelligence with this !
 Indi Cannon Players Pack (1434 plays)
Shoot Indiana to collect coins.
Racing Games
 MineS Escape (1857 plays)
Escape the mines area in your jeep.
 Sbaaam 2: Night Vision (3694 plays)
Drives the F1 car as long as possible in the night .
 Rollball The Ultimate Sportpack (4428 plays)
Full 3D racing game!
 Track Karting (2933 plays)
You have to race against three other kart racers and to overcome them in order to pass to the next level. Be the best and win the competition.
Shooting Games
 Unloaded (16845 plays)
Bang Bang your dead ! This is one difficult 3D arcade shooter game. Give it a shot and see how far you can go.
 Parasite Now (3849 plays)
Shoot the zombies before they infect the civilians!
 Cosmic commander (5053 plays)
Classic arcade shooter with 10 levels of manic shooting action, weapon upgrades, power-ups, and more! Featuring colorful retro-graphics and a stunning...
 Raze 2 (3020 plays)
save the human race !
Sports Games
 BMX Master (8586 plays)
Become the next Champion by performing cool tricks.
 SpaceSkater 1 (5086 plays)
The old time classic downhill outer-skate action game.
 Rugby (1231 plays)
Are you ready to try to win the 6 Nations tournament?
 ORANJE SOCCER (9051 plays)
Take your best shot and try to stay alive in the 9 exciting levels.
Strategy Games
 Mars (4049 plays)
Hated aliens eager to destroy your building on the planet Mars.
 Heroes of Mangara (3069 plays)
A brand new tower defense based game combining strategic and rpg elements.
 Feudalism (12170 plays)
You are the ruling party of a small town and must conquer the entire world one city at a time.
 Escape from Castle Dragonstone (9189 plays)
Solve riddles; survive battles and help the goblins as they try to rid themselves of a colony of Cave Spiders.

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